Thursday, October 22, 2020

OSE Index Cards

 I'm getting ready to host a cheesy, miniatures and terrain heavy OSE dungeon run for a birthday party (mine). To prepare I made myself the following PDF to print on card stock, with record sheets for characters, retainers, and monsters printed appearing as if typed on an index card. 

OSE Index Card Records

I'm sharing it with anyone who wants it, but my purpose is all about running the game quickly and 100% old school pencils & paper & dice & minis. Here's what I have so far in note form if you are interested.

Basic Rules/Changes (edited)

  • OSE (B/X) is the default system.
  • There are 3 levels, each 120 x 120’ (12 x 12 2” terrain tiles). Certain requirements must be met before you can descend to the next level; those will be made apparent as you explore.
  • (GM only info.) Creatures won’t pass through shut doors. If they fail morale, they will huddle in the corner. If they are hit after this, they fight to the death at +2, like a “cornered rat."
  • Resources are tracked with tokens: arrows, light sources, rations, treasure. The GM will give them to you or ask you to surrender them at appropriate times. Specific to light sources, torches will be tested after each encounter or if dropped, usage die d6. Ditto for lanterns, usage die d8. (No light source lasts more than a level.) Arrows are tested after each combat in which they are used, usage die d8. 
  • Set out 2 character cards for each class w/minis. Players draft in table order.
  • Deal a retainer card out to each player. In reverse order they get a chance to recruit or pass on THAT retainer (no switching). If they pass the opportunity is gone. Max party size is 7. 
  • Cards are disposable, feel free to write on them.
  • Players each roll starting gold (2d6 x 10) and get 20 minutes to shop for their character and/or retainer. At this time one spell on each character/retainer card may be changed out for another of equal or lower level.
  • Squares are 5’, we are using encounter speed (in parentheses) and basic encumbrance. So, a character in light armor with a move of 30’ can travel 6 squares a round. Diagonal moves are not penalized but moving through difficult spaces or friendly bodies costs double (10’) per space. If you are carrying three or more treasure tokens, you move at half speed. If you do nothing but move on a turn, add d3 spaces.
  • When you search an area for traps, secret doors, etc., tell me what you are looking for and how. I will answer your question (possibly asking you to roll first) relative to your space and all the spaces adjacent.
  • Combat sequence is side-based initiative. The winning side goes first in each phase: move, missile, magic, melee. No need to declare actions. If you are a spellcaster and are hit before you can cast, you cannot cast (but don't lose your spell). Regardless of which side wins initiative, during melee wielders of pole-arms act first if this is the first round they are engaged and welders of slow weapons always go last in their relative phase.
  • Figures with two weapons (fighting “Florentine”) roll their damage die twice and take the best result.
  • After each level characters you will heal up (reroll all HD and add CON bonus, then take the higher of current or rolled) and choose spells as if you had 8 hours rest.

Level 1 Tile Layout

Enter from top, four archways. Guard room to one side, view into pillared hall straight ahead. Bottom left in diagram is a jail with three cells and a big area gated off. Thinking of having a surly minotaur in this room that has kiestered (sp?) a key up his bunghole that the characters might benefit from on a lower level. They have to talk him out of it or kill him. If they kill him he will groan "you are worthy, take the key, and his relaxing sphincter will spill it onto the ground along with some other stuff. (Yuck. I may have gone too far there.) On the right edge are two funky tiles on either side of the round room. They are essentially cul-de-sacs with a crack/opening. Thinking of putting spellcasters behind these shooting lightning bolts. In the central pillared hall there will probably be a pouncing rust monster. If killed, when players leave the hall a new one is released via a trap door. One room is definitely going to have flumph's, because I painted these the other day.

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