Friday, February 11, 2022

In the Beginning - the Alignments


In the beginning everything was - endless primordial goo that morphed from one form to another without direction. The Lords of Chaos, those intelligences with a strong enough will to impress the goo into shapes that lasted for some time each fashioned their own reality. Some inhabited them, their presence feeding energy into the shapes for long eons. Others abandoned their creations to the long death, as their shapes morphed and decayed over tremendous gulfs of time machine inexorably back to the goo from which they came. Some of these fickle lords created one new reality after another for themselves, feeding their massive egos and seeking a thousand pleasures. Others grew tired and began their own long slow marches back to entropy. We are left to make our own ways as best we can. Like the gods, we can create our own realities, according to our strength. We can count on nothing from the gods and can expect to find unhappiness where our ideas and theirs inevitably clash or wild gain where our interests happen to align.


In the beginning there was nothing. The God of Law decided to form a universe out of the nothing and their own material intelligence, creating a foundation upon which one intricate design after another was formed. Each increasingly beyond the ability of mere mortals to comprehend, these designs were set in motion by the Creator, who had by this time given birth to other gods, angels, and demons, and assigned them each to a specific role as guardians of creation, as well as giving each a set of laws by which they must behave. In each age some of the designs of the supreme creator, to which he gave free will, depart from their roles and the laws set down for them. Disobedience leads to errors in the system, which give rise to pain and grief and displease the creator. If we obey the clear and present laws, we live in happiness and peace. If we disobey, out of a selfish need to further our own interests at the cost of others, we are doomed to unhappiness and punishment.


We cannot know what was in the beginning, just as we cannot know everything that comprises our present realities. Life is best when we stop striving and feeding extreme viewpoints. There is only this life and it is best lived by working to gain/engaging in what pleases us without causing undue harm to others or our own bodies. There is not good or evil, no objective truth, only the eye of the storm where all conflicts coalesce into peace and stability.