Wednesday, April 13, 2022

ZineQuest 3, a year later

I bought a bunch of zines during Zinequest 3 on Kickstarter. Let's see how they are doing one year later. Spoiler, ROI is 82%.


  • Crawler (Due Oct 21; last update Feb 22.)
  • The Void of Thrantar (Due Oct 21; last update March of last year, 21, reporting the death of a principle.)
  • Before Fire (Due Aug 21; last update March 22.)
  • Realms of Peril (Due Dec 21; last update March 22.) 
  • Many Crypts of Lady Ingrade (Due Oct 21; lost original artist, last update March 22 reports artwork complete.)

[Edit: some of these have been delivered now, about 2.5 years later (writing this on 5/22/2023). But I stand by this post because waiting longer than a year for a zine is a bad investment, in my opinion. A year is too long to expect sustained interest in a specific product of this scope/size. By the time you get the product, you have forgotten what it was even about.]

RECEIVED (23 - including all three categories below)
  • Pamphlet of Pantheons (digital only)
  • Colostle
  • Harrowings #03: Muspelhell
  • Dodeca RPG
  • The Drain
  • Lowlife
  • Planar Compass Issue 2
  • Desert Moon of Karth
  • Dethroners
  • Bloodheist
  • Courier
  • The Vaults of Torment: Blood is Fuel

  • Fresh from the Forge
  • A Bug's Guide to the Shimmer (digital only)


  • Siege: Pocket Warfare 
  • In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe
  • Kriegsmesser 
  • Microvania 
  • Menagerie of the Void 
  • Not a Place of Honor
  • The Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe
  • Wizard Funk 3