Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The great zine give-away

Project ended successfully. 36 zines being packaged to mail to 36 people in 7 countries. Last edit: Nov. 30, 11:10 AM.

If you listen to my podcast, you'll know that November 2022 episodes are devoted to zines. I'm going to go through a bunch of the ones I've collected and give most of them away. The zines I'm parting with are listed below. If you are interested in receive one by mail (no matter where you are):

  • Send the following by email 
  • The subject line MUST contain = Zinevember
  • Contents must include your full mailing address
  • You may list of up to three choices, ranked from 1 (most desired) to 3 if you want. You will get a random zine, but I will honor preferences when/where I can. 
  • You may also let me know if there are any give-away titles you already have (and don't want a second copy of).
  • All emails must be sent by November 25th. You may want to wait to send your email as the list will grow and early emails will not be prioritized over later ones - I'm going to randomize the order I process them. If for some reason you want to "overwrite" an earlier email with a new one, number your email in the subject line like "Zinevember 2," and I will honor only the highest numbered email you send me.

Donated Zines!

1. Face Folio, Goblin's Henchman, 20. [Featured in episode 339.]

My Own Zine-Overflow Give-Aways!

Nov. 1: Strange World, Aaron M. Sturgill, 2021. A complete ttrpg for 1-5 players and a GM. "In the far future, humanity has expanded throughout the galaxy, but has thus far found only remnants of ancient aliens civilizations. Today, your scout ship picked up an unusual communications signal [...]"

2: Forking Paths 2, Nathan Harrison, 2019. A cool essay about the myth of the labyrinth and a tile-placement labyrinthine story game for solo or group play. Includes a separate business-card sized game called The Caravan. [Featured in episode 319.]

3: Mouth Brood, Amanda Lee Franck, 2021. "A system-agnostic adventure in an ecological pressure cooker." Copius illustrations, essentially a monster book and a hex crawl, set in a biosphere that has been sealed away in a glacier for millennia.

4: Thousand Pound Canvas, Mark Conway, 2020. Troika. 36 (new) backgrounds and more.  [Featured in episode 317.]

5: Delver 1, James Floyd Kelly, 2021. OSR/OSE. Lots of cool random tables for NPCs, items, etc. and a small dungeon - an abandoned monastery that fell to a plague. 

6: Fresh From the Forge, L. L. Blumire, 2021. OSE. "A rebalanced weapon system for Old School Essentials." Divides weapons into simple categories for more strategic play: width of striking area, damage against objects (doors) vs. opponents, etc. [Featured in episode 345.]

7: Lowlife, Sam Sorenson, 2021. Realistic cave crawling stuff! [Featured in episode 319.]

8: Courier, Cody Barr, 2021. Original system. A solo rpg about trekking goods across the wasteland. 

9: Dethroners, Jedediah Berry and Andrew McAlpine, 2021. Original system. A complete story game in which you "battle a divine tyrant for the right to tell the tale." [Featured in episode 316.]

10. Eat the Rich, Ambika Kirkland, 2021. Near-future, system-agnostic scenario in the spirit of High-Rise and Snow Piercer. 

11. Not a Place of Honor, David Lombardo and Emanuel Melo, 2021?. A guide for creating a site where horrible, broken, bad-wrong magic is buried and should be left alone. [Featured in episode 307.]

12. Harrowings: From the Rhine (issue 1), Various, 2019. A collection of ice-age fantasy material suitable for most fantasy RPGs, but occasionally tuned to a version of D&D. Digital is free

13. Aetherjack's Almanac 1-6, Ian Woolley, 2020. Troika. Space-faring stuff. [Featured in episode 317.]

14. The Cerulean Curtain, Mark Conway, 2021. Troika. A gladiatorial-theatrical sphere, complete with backgrounds. [Featured in episode 317.]

15. The Subterranean Malstrom, Alex T., 2022? System agnostic but kind of aimed at OSE. "Endless vile tunnel encounters for solo play and DMs." 

16. Wizard Funk 3, Robin Irwin et al, 2021. A miscellany of cool old school material and INTERVIEWS with important creators in the early days of the adventure game hobby.

17. Dodeca, Peter Lattimore, 2022. A d12 based old school feeling rules set for "adventuring through grimdark worlds."

18. The Drain, Ian Yusem, 2022? A full color, "funnel" for the Mothership SF RPG.

19. Harrowings: The Exalted Hours, Various, 2020. Miscellaneous material for supporting games themed around the twilight and the coming dark. Old school vibes. 

20. The Desert Moon of Karth, Joel Hines, 2021. [Discussed on Between Two Cairns.] Small moon sandbox for Mothership with a space-western feel.

21. Low Country Crawl, John Gregory, 2019. Southern Gothic (US) OSR goodness.

22. Mudwarren Alley, Jennifer "Moonpoison" & Evelyn Moreau, 2018. Collaborative OSR, copiously-illustrated dungeon. Fun, weird, and evocative.

23. Mothership (signed), Sean McCoy, 2018. Bought by me at Gen Con 2018 and signed by Sean on site. Popular horror-survival-SF RPG. This is the original zine edition.

24. Dead Planet, Fiona Maeve Geist, Donn Stroud, Sean McCoy, 2018. "A violent incursion into the land of the living for the MOTHERSHIP Sci-Fi Horror Roleplaying Game."

25. Cosmic Crawl, Evelyn Moreau, 2018. Lovecraftian astral goodness with EM's awesome illustrations.

26. Lighthouse at the End of the Universe, Ella Lim, 2021? Contemplative solo RPG about ... (the titel).

27. The Eternal Caverns of Urk (mini), Nate Treme, 2019. "A procedural science fantasy underground" with it's own system, Tunnel Goons. 

28. The Temple of the Blood Moth, Jacob Butcher, 2019. [Discussed on Between Two Cairns.] OSR goodness/weirdness.

29. Mutants of Ixx (trifolds), Karl Stjernberg, 2019? Gamma world style hack using Into the Odd mechanics.

30. Cairn, Yochai Gal, 2021? An original, new school revolution adventure game.

BONUS: Apocalypse World PROTOTYPES - four pocket mods handed to me by Vincent Baker at his house after a night of playing 3:16 in the year of our Lord 2007. The origins of PbtA!