Friday, May 1, 2020

Capsule Review: Dungeon Gits

Dungeon Gits by Scott Malthouse is a great minimalistic take on fantasy adventure games.

  • Mechanic is your basic 2d6 + attribute + relevant knack ≥ 10 = success. 
  • All rolls are player-facing. 
  • Bonuses take the form of "hero dice." 
  • Binary character attributes are "Bashing" and "Not-Bashing." 
  • Simple Not-Bashing based initiative. 
  • Copper based money system. Small equipment list and magic item list.
  • Even smaller (but adequate for showing the pattern of building your own) bestiary. 
  • Form: $2, 10 pages, B&W interior, public domain art, 2 column layout, few if any typos are grammatical errors.

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