Tuesday, February 14, 2023

#Dungeon23 week 7

[Direct from my zine-formatted rewrite/draft.]

Sub-level Name TBD

0208 The Fishing Hole

A large, buxom, and somewhat oafish looking woman, Large Marge, is squatting precariously on a three-legged stool, wearing a fuzzy orange cap and holding a fishing pole. She is concentrating on a bobber in the middle of a 20’ diameter well, so she may not hear adventurers coming  down the stairs from 0123 if they are especially stealthy. A brace of frogs as big as geese lie to one side of her stool, obviously bludgeoned to death with an old stained and scarred wooden bat lying nearby. She will offer to cook for the party, but her true desire is to simply cook them, as she is always, always hungry. Given that she will probably be well outnumbered she will try to lure individuals away and quietly break their necks if she can. Large Marge is, in fact, an ogress in a Cap of Disguise.

Large Marge: AC 14, HD 4+1, Attack +4 club 1d10 or fist 1d8, Move 90’(30’), SA 4, Morale 10, Chaotic, XP 125, NA 1, TT C (see 0209).

Cap of Disguise: (random chance of appearance, table of various humanoid looks, clothes don't transform?)

What’s on the line? (D8 table of things to catch in the well - fill in later)

  1. Sock Eel
  2. TBD minor curio
  3. TBD exotic fish
  4. TBD exotic fish
  5. Nothing - the hook and bait are missing
  6. Giant frog
  7. Very unhappy fishman
  8. Flame Salamander!

0209 Marge’s Boudoir

This crowded room is filled with a strong perfume that almost overwhelms a kind of pervasive, funky body odor. Clothes of all types and sizes are tossed around the place, which seems a bit odd (unless you know how the hat works). Marge has been here for several months, trying to make a comfortable nest for herself. She has learned quite a bit about her surroundings and will trade information for her life, if it comes to that. Under a heavy barrel of pickled eels is a hole in which she has stashed 2,000sp and 2 gems (250gp each). 

0210 The Effigy of King Runemazer

Opening the door to this hallway (any hallway leading into this intersection) adventurers see a winged lion gazing intently at them! It is wearing a crown of gold nestled in its glorious mane. This the effigy of King Runemazer, a statue, though it moves from time to time, swishing it’s tail, licking it’s chops, or even leaving the pedestal to wander a bit. It does not talk. It is not aggressive. It just observes.

King Runemazer: (use a sphinx/stone golem stats)

0211 The Lesser Maze

This fairly easy to navigate tangle of corridors has four gems set in odd corners. Stepping on them causes them to glow blue, yellow, red or green (each is different0. If/when all four are lit a secret door opens leading to the Deep Labyrinth. Each gem stays lit for about 10 minutes.

0212 Flooded Hall

The southern fork of this three-way intersection quickly slopes down into cloudy water. There is a chance that a Locathath raiding party will run into the party while emerging or submerging here. (See next issue for their underwater chambers.)

0213 Melted Menace 

In the center of this room is a pile of melted stone that may have once depicted a scaly creature with at least one claw and a huge eye. What’s left of the eye seems to follow you as you walk around. 

GM Notes: This altar is a recent casualty in the ongoing war between the Laval worms (BSD1) and the Locathaths.

0214 Happy Spawning Grounds

The walls of this room are covered in a colorful mural of fish people cavorting under a full moon. A female squats over a nest of eggs, one cresting under her uplifted tail. Several males stand around spraying love juice all over the eggs and each other. A slightly funky odor pervades the warm, moist room ... or is that just your imagination? The room is empty - a bore hole on one wall leads to a lava-fall. The dimpled tunnel walls are recognizable by anyone who has been through the lava worm diggings above. 


  1. Great work as usual, Ray! Can't wait for Beneath the Dust 2 in PDF form!
    Fishman love juice!?! Eeeeyuck!

  2. Ha. Thanks. I may have gone a bit too far with that bit. But hey, Valentine's Day, amiright?


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