Friday, February 10, 2023

#Dungeon23 working on covers

 Just a quick show-and-tell. I'm working on some neat covers for the #Dungeon23 zines I plan to publish.


  1. I love them. Do you do these solely with digital tools, or do you work in analog and scan them?

  2. A lot of times I work analog first for the sketch and then digital. But for these I started in digital. The tools are iPad Mini, Procreate, Apple 2 Pencil. I set the background to a color, then make a black layer and start "scratching away" ink with the eraser tool set to a technical pencil "brush". When I make mistakes I just slob some more black over the top. A lot like working with a scratch board. This way I can get that 1 or 2 color ink block print look. Thanks for asking. I like talking process. I probably have "movies" of these I could upload from Procreate - it keeps a visual record of the drawing process.


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